Keep Your Property Looking Like New

Do you have stone paving around your patio? Is it starting to fade or look old because of built-up mildew and grime?

What about the entrance to your business? Could it use a facelift?

If so, you’re far from alone. Business and homeowners struggle to keep their hard surfaces looking like new, which is a shame considering the costs of stone and paver material. The good news is you can restore it to like-new condition.

Not sure it’s worth the price? Then consider this…

WHY You Should Do It

The outside of your property is your guest’s first impression of your home or business. Hard exterior surfaces play an important role in that first impression. A few other reasons why you should invest in restoration include:

  • To improve curb appeal – you can easily improve your curb appeal with simple maintenance of your outside surfaces.
  • To add value to your property – clean, new looking surfaces can attract buyers and give your home an edge over the competition.-To reduce costs for renovating your property.
  • Instead of demolishing what you have and re-laying stones or pavers, you can invest in a restoration that looks great and costs far less.

HOW to Do It

At Hydro Eco Clean, we specialize in exterior surface cleaning and restoration of a variety of materials including concrete, brick, pavers, driveways, wood, and patios, transforming your Montvale home’s appearance, making it sparkle from the outside in with our professional and thorough services.

We use a soft wash process that protects delicate materials and prevents you from having to completely restore your surface. Unlike traditional power washing, our soft wash process never damages your surface and uses eco-friendly detergents to eliminate dirt and grime, leaving behind nothing but a perfectly clean surface.

Restore Your Hard Surfaces Today

Whether you own a commercial business or a private home, our soft wash techniques will restore your property at reduced costs. Contact Us today to learn more about our process and how we can assist you.